Hundreds Flock to Leaning Tree Community School

About 800 people flocked to Leaning Tree Community School’s annual Spring Fair was on Sunday August 28 from 10am until 2pm, as part of the National Science Week Goodness Festival.

The fair is a much anticipated and celebrated event the school calendar and in the broader community.

Parents and Friends Chair Ally Bowdler said she was extremely proud of what was achieved on the day:

“Spring Fair is a celebration of our community,” she said.

“We came together to showcase what Leaning Tree has to offer children and families in Geraldton; our unique educational philosophy, our talents and our dedication to nurturing the whole child.”

The fair is the school’s major fundraising event of the year, with all families contributing time, effort, skills and enthusiasm to create a truly beautiful fun-filled, and family-friendly day.

The atmosphere was one of stepping back in time, with bunting decorations, flowers in vases, colour, home-baked treats, hands-on kid’s activities and community gathering together.

The highlights included: wood-working, felting, bag printing, flower garland creations, candle-dipping, old-fashioned lemonade, juices, soup, devonshire tea, the choir performance and of course, the much loved May Pole performance.

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