Science Games & Goo Galore for Fun Day!

Scinapse was very happy to have a science stall at the environmentally friendly, NACC Family Fun Day on the weekend. The event had everything, including; education sessions, bouncy castles, face painting, activities, Greenough Wildlife Park animals, NACC Coastal Community Trailer and great food!

The 7th of October not only marked a day for family fun but also the official launch of the new “Little Footprint, Big Future” exhibition at the Museum of Geraldton.

This new and exclusive exhibition allows participants to explore and discover actions they can take in their everyday life to help protect the environment.  You can find out more for yourself by vising the Museum of Geraldton today! The exhibition will be open to the public from the 7th of October – 28th of January.

Scinapse had some amazing volunteers run our stall at the Family Fun Day. Our home-made goo was a real “hit” with all visitors. The slime was made by combining cornstarch, water and food colouring (super easy to make at home). What is awesome about this experiment is witnessing the slime act as both a solid and a liquid. When you hit the slime really fast, you force the molecules together, resulting in the slime becoming a solid. When you touch the slime slowly, the molecules separate and it becomes a liquid – or in other words, a green slimy mess!

Scinapse was super excited to have Mathamazing puzzles and various games hired from the Geraldton Toy Library for the day. I don’t think there was any point during the day that our rollercoaster/slides weren’t being used.

The Spinning Cone was also a fond attraction (and not just for the kids) – the speed and direction of spinning depending on the mass inside the cone and the distribution of this mass across the cone. “The kids were  really curious about the science behind our activities,” said Pollinators’ Host Emma Bateman, “even I wanted to have a go to try and defy physics!”

CoderDojo was a hot topic discussed throughout the day. The free afterschool sessions teaching children how to code will be commencing Tuesday 17th of October from 4 – 5:30pm in the Design & Technology Building at Geraldton Grammar School. For more information, please click here>

If you are interested in volunteering as a CoderDojo helper or a mentor, please email

Scinapse would like to say a massive thank you to NACC for letting us have a science stall for their event. Scinapse would also like to say thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped run the stall on the day and all our visitors for making the experience worth while!

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