The Scinapse Dispatch – Jan 22

Scinapse has a new newsletter format – THE SCINAPSE DISPATCH! Make sure you download your copy.

The Scinapse Committee. launched earlier this month with a stellar crew of scientists, educators and activators. There was a plethora of ideas, community events, local features and resources set in motion by the synergies created by these awesome individuals. I’m sure my IQ increased via osmosis just by being in the same room. In the Petri dish that is the Pollinators shared space we squeezed our brains to align networks, community events and community science activities. True to our name we released transmission of information from one cell to the other – go team synapse!
Many thanks to; Sara, Leigh, Chris, Danielle, Shermy, Hollie, Ken, Marina, Rochelle, Catherine, Phil your enthusiasm and expertise is going to ensure 2022 is filled with inspirational Scinapse events. If you are interested in joining our committee or volunteering to assist in upcoming events please contact me .


We snuck in a Santalicious Slime Laboratory in December for the Christmas on the Terrace event. Over 130 participants had the opportunity to experience the chemistry of slime with its polymers changing with each added ingredient as well as make a bit of mess. Many thanks to Shermy from The Geraldton Project and Lucy from GYRO for your assistance. The City of Greater Geraldton sponsored this event, many thanks for your support!

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