Midwest WA GeoTrail Proposal

The Midwest of Western Australia possesses a remarkable array of geological landscapes and rock and mineral formations. These include some of the oldest existing on our planet at Jack Hills (dating back 4.4 billion years) to some of the youngest, with fossilised reef formations perched along our coast from just ~10 thousand years ago when … Read more

Wanted – Volunteers for Science and Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a national event organised by The University of Newcastle. Schools are invited to bring teams of students to participate in science and engineering based challenge activities. Activities range from bridge building and catapults to earthquake proof buildings, flat pack furniture and communication and power networks and design. The Discovery … Read more

Documentary Sparks Call for Change

Nearly 100 people were left shocked, disturbed and crying out for change after witnessing a special screening of the documentary film A Plastic Ocean in Geraldton on Wednesday. The film, screened by Film Harvest in partnership with the Waste Authority, the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) and Scinapse, provided an eye-opening view into the way … Read more