Science Sweeps Through Geraldton

The Festival dedicated to science, sustainability and innovation came sweeping through the region during National Science Week this August. The Goodness Festival saw many awesome science events take place in and around Geraldton. From permaculture tours to Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) tours, gardening workshops to comedy improv jams, and Astrophotography to an ‚ÄėInspiring Women in … Read more

Top Virtual Reality Experiences

1. Google Earth Explore the Earth with 360 images and videos, close up and afar with Google Earth. Jump onto the International Space Station for a zero gravity tour and exploration, then have a go at the landing of the moon and then explore Mars or any other part of the solar system and the … Read more

The Virtual Reality Revolution

Ever since the 90’s when home computers became a common household item and we started to explore all the possibilities, virtual reality (VR) was always the dream – to be transported to another reality and have a believable, fully immersive experience. As time marched on and technology advanced, the graphics and sounds became more stunning … Read more