Science Sweeps Through Geraldton

The Festival dedicated to science, sustainability and innovation came sweeping through the region during National Science Week this August. The Goodness Festival saw many awesome science events take place in and around Geraldton.

From permaculture tours to Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) tours, gardening workshops to comedy improv jams, and Astrophotography to an ‘Inspiring Women in Science’ Breakfast. There was such a wide variety of events happening in Geraldton, with thousands of attendees.

Individuals also had the opportunity to take part in the Goodness Treasure Hunt with $1500 worth in prizes up for grabs, including 5 tickets to SciTech! The third Draw will take place on September 5th so make sure you complete and submit your entries before August 30th.

There were a number of tours of the city’s “Secret Spaces”.  These included tours of Radiology, the BoM, a River Gauging Station, and the Port.

A bus full of eager individuals attended the Port Tour on a beautiful, Winter day in Geraldton.

The weather was on our side on the day of the Drylands Permaculture Tour in Waggrakine. Walking through the orchids, smelling the ripe fruits about to fall from the trees. Hearing the noisy chickens and ducks eager for feeding time. The smell of fresh herbs and homemade bread went well with the beautiful morning tea.

Drylands Permaculture Farm Tour, including homemade morning tea.

The ‘Women in Science Breakfast’ saw a full house at the Zeewijk Restaurant at the Geraldton Universities Centre. The truly inspiring Dr Rowena Ball presented with such passion, highlighting how “science belongs to all peoples”. If Rowena’s words don’t get more women interested in science, I don’t know what will!

Dr Rowena Ball & company at the ‘Inspiring Women in Science Breakfast.’

Goodness Festival went out with a bang as the Point Moore Lighthouse Open Day closed the festival on Sunday the 20th of August. Hundreds of people turned up for a personalised tour of the lighthouse among other festivities.

Although National Science Week has now come to an end, it is never too late to get involved in science! Scinapse (The Mid West Science Engagement Group) in Geraldton runs all year round and is dedicated to bringing more science events and knowledge to our region. Become a Scinapse member today – it’s free!

So many amazing events took place for Goodness Festival 2017. If you want to know more, please visit the Goodness Website or search the hashtag #GoodnessFestival on Twitter to view all the firsthand experiences.

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