Top Virtual Reality Experiences

1. Google Earth

Explore the Earth with 360 images and videos, close up and afar with Google Earth. Jump onto the International Space Station for a zero gravity tour and exploration, then have a go at the landing of the moon and then explore Mars or any other part of the solar system and the universe beyond.

2. Big Screen

You can build model kits or sculpt a creature in 3D, try your hand at being a surgeon or just explore the human body and how it works. Jump in with some friends on Big Screen for a chat with virtual avatars or sit back in a virtual cinema and watch a 3D blockbuster.

3. Lone Echo

Lone Echo is one that stands out as a must have, an epic space adventure with a very cool motion mechanic and sense of presence that is right on the money. 

4. Oogie

One game I really enjoyed was developed with BBC Earth and authentically narrated, Oogie is platform based gamed where you control a Beetle across the South African Desert.

Written by Ken Lawson, Photographer for Ken Lawson Photographer, Owner of Astro-IT.

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