Meet our Chairperson – Emma Jackson

Who are you? A passionate scientist and GIS nerd on a crusade to make Geraldton a model of sustainability. What’s your most memorable science experience? Attending the National Science Youth Forum in Canberra. Before being immersed in this a week long science extravaganza, I had my heart set on being a lawyer. I had always … Read more

Meet our Treasurer – Russell Browne

Who are you? Russell Browne – Scientist (Occupational hygiene & radiation specialist) with a Degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology. What’s your most memorable science experience? Learning about electrical resistance in physics at high school – we put a capacitor in an electrical socket and when the power was … Read more

Meet our Coordinator – Kirsty Kipling

Who are you? Hi I’m Kirsty – a 22-year-old science communicator originally from the UK. I studied at the University of Western Australia before moving to Geraldton and absolutely love this science-crazed, community-orientated town! What’s your most memorable science experience? I have so many great memories of science, it is so hard to choose! I … Read more