Meet our Chairperson – Emma Jackson

Who are you?
A passionate scientist and GIS nerd on a crusade to make Geraldton a model of sustainability.

What’s your most memorable science experience?
Attending the National Science Youth Forum in Canberra. Before being immersed in this a week long science extravaganza, I had my heart set on being a lawyer. I had always loved science but never considered it as career. The forum really opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities a science career could offer and I was hooked.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?
Beatrix Potter – as a child I was captivated by her stories and illustrations, but it wasn’t until much later that I found out that she was a scientist first. It was her studies and drawings as a natural scientist that allowed her to create such beautiful illustrations.

What first got you interested in science?
I am not really sure, but probably growing up in the Perth Hills surrounded by native bush. I was always interested in plants and animals and remember vividly collecting cabbage moths in my little green bug catcher and looking at insects under my microscope.

Why did you join Scinapse?
To help make awesome science events happen in Geraldton and help to give regional students more opportunities to be inspired by science.


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