Meet our Coordinator – Kirsty Kipling

Who are you?

Hi I’m Kirsty – a 22-year-old science communicator originally from the UK. I studied at the University of Western Australia before moving to Geraldton and absolutely love this science-crazed, community-orientated town!

What’s your most memorable science experience?

I have so many great memories of science, it is so hard to choose! I have to say my most memorable science experience was seeing my little brother fit into a bubble at one of the Scitech shows when we first came to Australia. I thought “finally, I’ve got rid of him” until the bubble burst.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?

I absolutely love the legendary Sir David Attenborough. He is truly the hero of science communication. The ability to communicate a ray of complex scientific knowledge to a variety of audiences is such a skill to possess and I really admire his abilities and passion.

What first got you interested in science?

I was a real tomboy as a kid and absolutely loved reptiles. When I moved to Australia, my love of reptiles grew even more. I really enjoyed saving up to buy nature magazines with Australian reptiles in them. I had a love of animals from a very early age and I think as I grew older this love developed more into a curiosity of wanting to learn more.

Why did you join Scinapse?

I plunged straight into Scinapse when I became the Community Lead for Pollinators Inc but I think even if I wasn’t the Coordinator of Scinapse I would still be heavily involved in this organisation. There is an awesome bunch of individuals behind Scinapse who are dedicated to seeing science brought to life in the Midwest, and it’s so easy to get involved!


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