Explore the Secret Spaces of Our City

Many awesome science events flowed through Geraldton during National Science Week this August as the annual Goodness Festival 2017 took full swing. A variety of tours, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, open days and more, made this year’s Goodness Festival a real success, with thousands getting involved. Among these events were a number of tours of the … Read more

Top Virtual Reality Experiences

1. Google Earth Explore the Earth with 360 images and videos, close up and afar with Google Earth. Jump onto the International Space Station for a zero gravity tour and exploration, then have a go at the landing of the moon and then explore Mars or any other part of the solar system and the … Read more

Science and Engineering Challenge 2017

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a national event organised by The University of Newcastle. Schools are invited to organise class-sized teams to participate in science and engineering based activities. The activities range from bridge building and catapults to earthquake-proof buildings and flat pack furniture. The challenge aims to test the students’ communication skills and creativity while channelling … Read more

Giant Inflatable Globe Wows Crowds

giant inflatable globe

The Batavia Coast Maritime Heritage Association (BCMHA) wowed crowds at two Mid West events recently, with its giant inflatable discoverers’ globe and a display of replica navigation instruments. Some 40 people visited the giant globe at the City of Greater Geraldton’s Festivals on the Foreshore NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM on October 12 and some 500 … Read more