Meet the Committee – Ken Lawson

Who are you?

Proud and passionate geek who loves everything science and tech. Amateur astronomer, astrophotographer, macrophotographer, bug nut and storm chaser.

What’s your most memorable science experience?

When I was around 8 I would spend many hours looking through a cheap and small refractor telescope that had a really bad wobbly mount and tripod. The first time I saw Saturn in my backyard through that little scope had me hooked for ever.

Who is your favourite scientist and why?

Impossible to choose just one! I admire so many scientists and communicators from so many fields and throughout all the ages. They all inspire me in so many ways and I feel compelled to learn, share and hopefully inspire others.

What first got you interested in science?

We are born with the innate curiosity to learn about the world around us and I would have to say I never lost that. My father was fundamental in nurturing my curiosity, to slow down and look at all the small details of the little things that surround us. Seeing all the wonderful plants and animals, and staring up in awe at the stars for hours on end still to this day never ceases to amaze me. As a young lad, the school and town library were two of my favourite places as I could read all the encyclopedias and science books -so I could learn more about the world and cosmos.

Why did you join Scinapse?

An amazing passionate bunch of people interested in science and wanting to share and inspire that awesomeness with everyone – how could I not be part of that!


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